A Little Update From Us.


Found Hearts hit the road with our help!

Found Hearts applied for Buddy’s Grant in 2021, and although we weren’t able to assist them at the time, when we reached out to all our rescue partners late last year to ask them if there was anything we could do to help them save more dogs at risk of euthanasia in rural and remote pounds, they reminded us that their original grant application was addressing just that need....

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DFL Rescue receive a grant for training

We know that for rescue dogs in care, having adequate training can often make a huge difference to their adoption prospects. So, when Desperate for Love Dog Pound Rescue in WA (DFL) applied for one of Missy’s Mini Grants for behavioural training support for some of their higher needs and long-term dogs we wanted to help.

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Recycle our packaging with REDcycle!

As a proud Australian company, we’re very conscious of minimising our environmental impact, and have been working on ways that we can reduce our footprint while still maintaining our extremely high standards of food packaging and safety.

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When Foster Becomes Forever...

We were lucky enough to meet Stephen and Luna when she was still a foster dog, but it was obvious even then that they had an incredibly special bond and when we heard that she was going with him when he moves to Ireland later this year, we were over the moon! Here's a little insight into their story....

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Why foster?

Many people are wary of fostering as they worry that they won't be able to say goodbye to dogs that they have fallen in love with. While this is completely understandable, Emily, a foster carer with Greyhound Adoptions WA explains why, for her, saying goodbye can actually be such a rewarding experience.

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