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Sydney Dingo Rescue awarded grant for critical transport to save lives

Sydney Dingo Rescue awarded grant to get them back on the road!

We have awarded a grant of $15,000 to Sydney Dingo Rescue to purchase an essential utility vehicle, with two secure crates to assist them in more efficient, safe rescues for dogs and dingoes, in particular from interstate and rural and remote communities. Currently their primary rescue vehicle is not drivable, and the cost of repairs exceed the cost of a new second-hand ute.

Sydney Dingo Rescue (SDR) is Australia’s largest dingo rescue. Their rescue centre, which is home to around 100 dingoes at any given time, is based on 100 acres in rural New South Wales.

Having a ute has served as a lifeline for their organisation, enabling them to rescue dingoes from precarious situations, transport them to safety, and provide timely medical attention. SDR is one of only 4 dingo rescues in Australia, and as a result they rescue dingoes and dogs from a huge geographic area. In the past 24 months they have driven an average of 1100km a week and taken in rescue dingoes from SA, QLD, VIC, NSW, WA, the NT and the ACT.


Why does SDR do so much driving?

Because dingoes often require specialist handling and care, SDR are often unable to use outside transport companies and their volunteers pick up almost all their incoming rescue dogs/dingoes in person. They also offer a drop-off service across NSW and VIC for all adoptions to try to increase adoptions and remove potential barriers for people wanting to adopt. SDR also runs a community support program to try to prevent dogs/dingoes from being surrendered, this involves large amounts of driving to assist with fencing, vet visits (for subsidised desexing) and training sessions.

Overall this grant is to help SDR with improved safety and reliability for dingo transport (no longer relying on volunteers’ private cars), enhancing their capacity to carry out efficient rescue operations for dingoes/dogs across Australia.

The vehicle will also enhance response time in rescuing dingoes in distress, ultimately saving more lives. For example dingoes hit by cars, orphan dingo pups and dingoes in rural and remote pounds. Sydney Dingo Rescue will have increased ability to assist community members through their community intervention program leading to lower surrender rates. Having a ute allows SDR to transport fencing materials, tools and enclosures which are often a key part of helping struggling families keep their dingoes.

We are very proud to be able to assist Sydney Dingo Rescue their new wheels and will have updates for everyone as soon as it hits the road!

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