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We are 10!

We’re celebrating our 10th birthday and our founder Michael would like to share some words with you!

We are 10!

We are 10!  It’s unbelievable to think that is now true. I can still clearly remember the day we launched, and it seems both like yesterday, and also a lifetime ago, sitting in our tiny spare bedroom, clicking the button to make our website and Facebook page go live.

Our tenth year has been massive! We passed some big milestones this year and have now donated over $6.5M to over 250 rescue groups nationwide.  Our Adopt-A-Dog platform has now had over 55 million page views getting eyes on pups when they need help the most.  That has helped us support the re-homing of over 51,000 dogs.


Our tenth year unfortunately has also been the toughest our rescue partners have ever experienced, with a perfect storm of sky-rocketing abandonments and slowing adoption rates.  I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge everything these little rescues do. They get very little thanks, and the work is relentless and often heartbreaking; but because of them tens of thousands of dogs get a second chance every year.  All of us at SavourLife are incredibly proud to be supporting their work.

From starting out with just two treats, we now offer over 85 different products! We were excited to have launched our very first raw frozen food range this year.  We always like to give you what you ask for, so as a teaser, you can expect us to launch a completely different style of food in the next few months!  We’ve also been working hard on our packaging sustainability. 

We could not do any of this it without the support of our awesome retail partners and you, our loyal and wonderful SavourLifers! A big shout out to my SavourLife team, the most incredible bunch of committed people that we are so lucky to have found to work with us.


So, what does the next year hold and just as importantly the next 10?  After we blow out the candles, its back to work.  Rather than slowing down, we’re speeding up.  We have some big, big plans over the coming years.  We’ll work on helping our rescues build capacity and capabilities.  We’ll work to prevent more dogs from being abandoned.  We won’t stop until we achieve our mission of making sure no adoptable dog in Australia is euthanised.


If I could go back in time to when we launched and ask myself to look into the future and write our 10th birthday post, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I could write something like this.  We have many people to thank for making this possible and the person reading this is one of them. 

Thanks for making us “dog food that makes a difference.”

Michael and Kim