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The Freedom Waggin is getting ready to roll!

The Freedom Waggin is getting ready to roll!

The team from HVAFARC is getting ready to unleash their new transport van the "Freedom Waggin" on roads of NSW to help save more lives and make their work that much easier.

A few months ago we donated $50,000 to Hunter Valley Animal Facility & Rehoming Centre who were in desperate need of a new transport van to help deal with the current influx of dogs filling up local and rural pounds.

They had originally applied for the last round of Buddy's Grants and we were glad to be able to come back to their application and help them bring their plan to life!

This van will not only help HVAFARC save more lives but also help them with supply pickups, vet visits, events, rescue transfers and so much more.

They anticipate being able to transport over 150 dogs on pound runs, and make over 100 vet runs in just 12 months, working with other rescues wherever possible.

Photos below show how HVAFARC intend to fit out their van. We can't wait to see the "Freedom Waggin" on the road! 🚗

Hunter Animal Facility and Rehoming Centre is a registered charity located in Neath, NSW and their focus is on saving dogs and cats in the Hunter Valley from death row pounds and at risk situations if you are interested in Adopting or getting involved you can see their adoptable dogs HERE or visit their website below to get involved.

By choosing to feed your dog Savourlife you are directly supporting rescue groups all over the country make a difference 🙏