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Why would I buy SavourLife over my regular brand?

At SavourLife we know that you only want what's best for your dog. You’re doing a great thing by helping rescue dogs, but we didn’t want that to be the only reason you would buy something from our range.  So we developed our products with three things in mind.  What would our dogs love?  How do we make our products awesome?  Are they unbeatable value?  We think we’ve achieved our goals.  We know if you try us, you'll agree.  And now here's the great part, you’ve bought the best product around and you’re still helping rescue dogs in need.  Simple.  Awesome.  Life-changing. 


Where are your food and treats made and where are the ingredients from?

We proudly display the Australian Made and Owned symbol on all our products.  All our products are made right here in Australia, from ingredients including real Australian meat.


What do you mean by 50% of profits?

Easy! We take our revenue (money we make from selling our products) and then subtract our costs (the money associated with making them ready for sale); that’s our profit.  We give half of our profit to pet rescue groups helping them save abandoned dogs.  Profit is what you see reported on the news; it’s basically the money companies make from selling their goods or services after they take into account their costs.  Many companies give less than 1% of their profits to charitable causes.  Don’t you think you should expect more?


Why did you choose this way of doing business?

We are what is called a social enterprise!  A social enterprises' main goal is not to make money for shareholders (like a normal company) but to assist some social issue.  In our case that's helping rescue dogs. When we started our company, we looked at the best model to help the most dogs.  So we thought if there's an incentive for everyone to keep costs down, an incentive for people to help us getting bigger, then we could end up giving more to our pet rescue partners.  We spend every cent with one thing on mind; the more we make, the more goes to our most important stakeholders....the rescue dogs!


How do I know the pet rescue organisations are getting what you say?

We mean what we say.   We were inspired by, and exist to help, the pet rescue companies succeed in their goals. But we understand that people want a sense that someone else is making sure we follow through on our commitments; so we have our financial accounts audited by an independent accounting firm. That way you can feel comfortable that we are holding up our end of the bargain.  Check out our 'Who We Help' page to see the list of rescues we've donated to, there's over 240 different ones and we keep a running tally of our total donations on the front page of this website!


I thought the RSPCA looked after animal welfare? 

They do; and they do a wonderful job.  But there are many more organisations that do an incredible job in the animal welfare movement, unfortunately many of them you will never even have heard of.  We decided early on that we wanted to make a difference to the organisations that struggle against the odds, with little or no help from the government and that aren’t the first names that come to mind when you think of animal welfare.   These guys do an amazing job with very, very limited resources and save thousands of lives every year that would otherwise be lost.  The support and exposure we are able to give them makes a huge difference to what they are able to achieve. This is why we chose them and why we say “Together, we are the underdogs”.