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Last chance training saving the dogs who need it!

Life saving dog training with Guardian Angel Animal Rescue.

Guardian Angel Animal Rescue (GARR) was awarded a grant of $7,000 to support their training program in Two Wells, SA. They were able to engage Take the Lead Canine Services to provide Guardian Angel dogs behavioural assessment, rehabiliation and critical training prior to rehoming.

GAAR often receives calls from people who are struggling with the behaviour of their dogs, where surrender or euthanasia is a real risk.

Their goal is to provide the training and support for owners to be able to keep their dogs in their homes, but if they cannot then Guardian Angel Animal Rescue can ensure they provide behavioural assessments, day training services, stay and learn programs and extensive behavioural modification ensuring that every dog ends up with the best chance at finding their forever home.

Their philosophy at their farm, is to provide dogs with a safe place to receive love, care, and vet work before they are ready to be adopted. 

Below are a handful of cases this program was able to support leading to some wonderful positive outcomes for the dogs involved.


Nova and Nelly

Nova and Nelly were rescued from a local pound in South Australia. With extreme fear based behaviours, the pound were not able to get them out of their kennels for over 2 weeks.

The Take the Lead expert team went in, got the dogs away from the kennels and into an environment where they could feel safe and secure, and have been working with these two girls ever since.  They have come so far on their training journey and are nearly ready for rehoming!



This big man was surrendered to the Ballarat Pound after he came from a severe domestic violence situation. He would not have been rehomable without expert guidance and training.

Now, he is training with Valor Dectection Dogs and is currently working in the detection field. He is currently perfoming car searches, room searches and wide open area searches for his target odor!




Flint was surrendered into care after a rehome order due to difficulties with some members of his family. He underwent a 3 week stay and learn program that helped him find his forever home with one of the GAAR staff.

Here is what she had to say about Flint:

"I never wanted to get a Dalmatian until I met Flint. He filled a hole in our hearts we didn't even realise we had. Even on the worst days Flint makes me realise that no matter what I just need to clear my mind and be there in that moment for him, and in return he gives us so much love, daily smiles and trust. I'm excited everyday to take him on new experiences and in turn we find ourselves doing so much more."




Jeff was taken to a local vet clinic for behavioural euthanasia. The vet called GAAR to see if they were able to assist, and of course they jumped at the opportunity. Jeff proved to be dog aggressive, impulsive, and showed some serious behavioural concerns. 

After a 3 week stay and learn, the team were able to have him co-exist with other female dogs, reduced his reactivity, and worked on his inability to settle. He has now concluded his two week trial period with his new family, and they have no concerns!


Guardian Angel Animal Rescue has also been able to provide 16 behavioural assessments and 24 day sessions to help dogs maintain their training once they have finalised their stay and learn programs.

They have placed over 30 dogs in homes since our donation including 4 puppies surrendered who were surrendered into their care. They went to their new homes toilet trained, crate trained and could walk on leads with basic obedience under their belt!

This grant was made possible by the donations of 50% of profits from sales of SavourLife products thanks to our amazing SavourLifers, it truly is dog food that makes a difference.

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