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Unleashing Hope : Training more people to help more dogs!

Building Better Dogs with Animals In Need Brisbane

We have awarded a grant of $4,000 to Animals in need Brisbane to develop a training program for their dog coordinators.

From humble beginnings as an individual rescuer with the support of a local vet, Animals in Need Brisbane (AINB) has grown into a dynamic group of dedicated animal lovers. Their commitment to rescuing, caring for, and finding homes for countless beautiful animals has been the cornerstone of their work.

With the current animal welfare crisis AINB has to evolve and launch their Dog Rehoming Coordinator Training Program. This initiative is set to be spearheaded by Canine Behaviorist, Helen Andrews of Building Better Dogs. The aim is to equip team members with the essential skills to assist in all aspetcs of dog rescue and rehoming.

Currently AINB's ability to rescue, rehome, rehabilitate, and transition dogs is subject to the capacity of their team. Very few team members have the experience and qualifications required to manage some challenging dogs and as a result Animals in Need Brisbane are having to decline some surrender and rescue requests due to limited capacity. Additional opportunities exist to support foster carers with behaviour management guidance for some of their animals in care.


With the successful implementation of the training program, the organisation envisions a number of positive outcomes; these include:

• Having existing experienced staff available to focus on critical rescue and rehoming situations
• Increasing the capacity of the small volunteer team
• Reducing rehabilitation and transition periods for dogs in care
• Having additional resources available to support foster carers and create a positive experience for foster caring in general. This is essential for building a repeat foster community and encouraging new foster carers to volunteer
• Equipping Animals In Need Brisbane with appropriate training tools required to enhance the transition of dogs in care, and rehoming

The program doesn't stop at education alone; it extends to the acquisition of essential training tools. Items such as training leads, haltis, and specific enclosures for unique circumstances will be part of the toolkit, ensuring a comprehensive and effective approach to dog rescue and rehabilitation.

The ultimate goal is to cultivate a team of skilled dog coordinators capable of providing dedicated support to both dogs and foster carers. This, in turn, will allow senior dog coordinators to focus on critical rescues and rehabilitation cases, expediting the overall transition and adoption process. AINB will be able to take on more animals with an increased experienced team; a proactive step in reducing euthanasia rates.

Importantly, with a skilled volunteer team, AINB will be able to provide greater support to not only their foster carers, but also to community members wishing to surrender their dogs. They may be able to provide guidance in addressing issues which allows people to keep their dogs when behavioural issues are at play.

Animals in Need Brisbane believe that this program will not only enrich the organisation but also contribute to a broader mission of saving and rehoming more dogs.

Stay tuned for more Buddy's grants announcements and updates coming soon!