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Community support is the key to reducing unwanted puppies!

Supporting the community to prevent over 200 unwanted puppies with Maggie's Rescue

Maggie’s Rescue exists to create a world where no animal is in need of rescue. Operating since 2011, they are a co-operative of volunteer foster carers and passionate animal advocates, working together to achieve a shared vision.

They focus on reducing the number of unwanted and abandoned animals through rehoming, community education and more recently their Community Outreach Desexing Program. At the start of May 2023 we were able to team up with the Petbarn Foundation to grant Maggie's Rescue $10,000 to fuel this important initiative. 

The Community Outreach Desexing Program offers subsidised desexing and microchipping for families in need of a helping paw.

The aim of the program is to reduce and prevent unwanted companion animals in NSW, increase the chances of dogs returning home if they become lost, and support families who may not have the financial means to desex the dogs they love and care for.


After witnessing a successful start to the program, and knowing that Maggie's had a waitlist of applicants for desexing, in September 2023 we donated a further $10,000 so that they could keep the program running.

To date Maggie's Rescue have desexed 29 male and 49 female dogs in their local community. This has prevented a huge number of unplanned and unwanted puppies; desexing 49 females alone has possibly prevented an astounding 294* puppies per year! (*based on an average of 6 puppies per year).  A significant number of the dogs that they have desexed through the program came from the same household, where unplanned litters were almost guaranteed to occur.

Maggie's Rescue consider the Community Outreach Desexing Program to be an outstanding success and know that it has helped many families who were desperate to be able to do the right thing for their dog. In February 2024 we donated a further $10,000 to allow them to extend this important program to more applicants.

Below are some of the heartfelt words of people who were able to access support through Maggies Community Outreach Desexing Program.

"I just wanted to send a massive THANK YOU for your help with having my babies desexed.

They were both done today, Your vet hospital and all the staff were amazing every step of the way. I could not have asked or expected any better."

"Just wanted to thank you all so much for helping me get my girls desexed. 

They are home and resting now. Everything went well, I am so grateful. I can't thank you all enough."


These programs are so critical to help prevent unwanted litters and will ultimately help reduce the amount of dogs and puppies needing to be rescued from local pounds. 

To find out more about Maggie's Rescue how or to get involved head over to their website HERE