Beagle Rescue NSW

Bin/Source number: 31 810 596 691

NSW, Bexley 2207
Phone: 0419 230 189
Email: [email protected]

Beagle Rescue NSW (BRN) is a charitable institution for the welfare of animals, particularly dogs. BRN is a 100% volunteer organisation working to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Beagles and Beagle crosses in need across NSW. Our Beagles and Beagle crosses may come into care through a pound or animal shelter, transfer from another animal welfare organisation or by private surrender. BRN provides medical, psychological and behavioural support to the dogs who enter our care. In the interests of reducing the number of companion animals who enter the animal shelter system each year, and in recognition that our foster care capabilities are finite, BRN may also facilitate the ‘assisted rehoming’ of dogs who remain in the care of their current owners until their new home is found. BRN strives to educate current and future owners on the joys, pitfalls and realities of owning our beautiful breed to ensure that as many Beagles and their families find their perfect match the first time around. BRN believes in a modern, science-based approach to training; and in ensuring every dog lives their best life through a healthy approach to diet, exercise, mental stimulation and enrichment.
Adoption Policy: Strict
Anyone interested in adopting one of our dogs in foster care must contact the foster carer to introduce themselves (details will be in the individual dog's listing) and complete an application form (link on our website). Applications are non-binding. Applications are not considered on a first come, first served basis. We try to match our dogs with their new humans on an individual basis. All our foster dogs go to their new homes on a 30-day trial basis. If for any reason, you feel it's not going to work out during this time, please contact us to arrange to return the dog to their foster carer. Adoption fees are refunded for dogs returned during their trial period.