Shoalhaven Animal Shelter

Bin/Source number: R251000194

NSW, Nowra 2541
Phone: 0244293410
Email: [email protected]

Shoalhaven Animal Shelter a place to find your lost companion animal or adopt a new fur friend. Run by Shoalhaven City Council, our main aim is to ensure the animals we find receive the best care whilst at the shelter and are adopted into a new forever home
Adoption Policy: Strict
Development, Environment & Planning Group Companion Animals Act, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act Container Number: 47107E Guidance Council provides an adoption service to rehome dogs and cats temporarily housed at the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter. Applicant's declaration I hereby accept responsibility for the animal described above. I agree that I accept this animal knowing I have made a commitment to look after him/her for the duration of his/her life. I agree this animal will be treated with loving care and affection in a safe and humane manner and as a family pet and companion. I agree the animal will have appropriate food, water, shelter, grooming, exercise, environmental enrichment, medical care and an emergency evacuation kit for the duration of his/her life. I agree that any medical costs for the animal will be at my expense. I agree that if I am adopting a puppy or kitten [under 6 months of age] it is my responsibility to train the animal. A puppy or kitten returned will not be refunded due to behavioural issues that may be remedied by training. I agree that it has been explained to me that some diseases have an incubation period of up to 14 days, such as Kennel Cough. Kennel Cough may present in a dog once it has left the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter. I agree that should my animal present with these symptoms I am aware of what I need to do. I understand that by adopting this animal there are no guarantees regarding health or temperament and the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter shall not be held liable for the behaviour or any damage to any person, animal or property that this animal may cause. I understand Council has a cooling off period of three weeks and should there be any problems I am to contact the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter to discuss my concerns. Should there be a valid reason to return the animal I will be eligible for a full refund (except for the registration fee if applicable). I am 18 years of age or older and I have read, understood and agreed to the above terms. Applicant signature: Date: Officer's Name Signature: