Bin/Source number: BIN0005415666147

QLD, Rockhampton 4700
Phone: 0407670373
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.cqanimalsociety.org.au/

Central Queensland Animal Society thrives on being an ethical animal rescue group that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes animals whilst ensuring they are provided with the necessary care – including veterinary care, shelter, food. We aim to improve animal welfare situations, either directly through our association or helping other like minded organisations; support other animal welfare organisations with similar objectives; assist in reuniting lost and found animals with their rightful owner; and to educate the community on responsible pet ownership by promoting and reinforcing the importance of microchipping, vaccinating and desexing pets. Our moto is "Second Chance doesn't mean Second Best" and we believe that every animal that crosses our path, no matter the baggage they bring (eg behavioural or medical), deserves every chance to be loved and cared. The ultimate goal is goodbye into a good loving home.
Adoption Policy: Strict
MEET & GREET We encourage all adopters to meet their new addition before committing to adoption. This gives you a chance to see if the animal might be a good fit, and if a dog, to also introduce them to your other animals. Just like we don't expect all humans to get along, we expect the same for animals. ADOPTION AGREEMENT At CQASI our animals future is paramount and we want to see them put into their forever homes. Every detail on our agreement is used to ensure your home is suitable for a new addition, that you agree to the terms and conditions and we also use some of the info for owner transfer after the adoption trial period (mentioned further down) HOME/YARD CHECK All our cats are indoor/outdoor enclosure only so all house checks are done when your feline friend is being dropped off to join your household. If the barking variety is what you are looking at adding to your home then one of our volunteers will contact you to arrange a day/time for a yard check. This is to check your fencing is suitable, see where your new canine will be sleeping and just get a general feel for the home they will be going to. All our adoptions tend to be local, but we have connections all over QLD so are more than happy to consider all serious adoption enquiries. A house/yard check will be done if we can get a local member (if adoption enquiry is not Rockhampton based) to assist. ADOPTION FEE Adoption fee is to be paid prior to collecting your new family member. The adoption fee is used to cover the vet work your new addition received. This includes - but is not limited to Desexing, vaccination/s, microchipping, parasite treatment/prevention (heart worm testing for dogs only). TWO WEEK TRIAL All our animals have a two week trial period. This gives your new addition time to settle into your family life and to give you a chance to ensure they are exactly what you want. If they are not settling in then we will arrange to take them back into care and you will be refunded the adoption fee. If after the two weeks they are exactly what you wanted then we will send you all their paperwork including sterilisation certificate, vaccination certificate and microchip transfer form. Our aim is a beautiful goodbye into their new home. We treat any potential adoption with the upmost care as the animals safety and welfare is our number one concern.