Helping Hearts Animal Rescue

BIN or Source Number: 55312510233

NSW, Newcastle 2302
[email protected]

As we are brand new, we thought we would tell you a little about us, and what we plan to achieve. Our management board which at present consist of 7 members who have vast experience’s within the rescue world and extensive business relations. Each member brings to the table their own skillset, many of whom have years of animal knowledge and various experiences which include Bachelor of Science with a major in veterinary studies, licensed microchip implanter, professional grooming, and pound liaisons. Although we are relatively small, we believe our rescue will grow with time and positive community support. As it currently stands we have support from multiple local rescues, pound facilities both near and far and local business’s. Our attention will be focused on rescuing dogs and cats who are in need within our community and supporting pounds to help reduce the volume of animals sitting within their facilities. The animals who come into our care will find themselves in volunteer foster carers homes, where they have full access to everyday domestic life. They will be showered with love and attention, learn how to socialise correctly, be taught basic manners all while getting valuable nutrition on high grade food and receiving outstanding vet work from local clinics who support us by providing necessary medical assistance.
Adoption Policy: Strict
All the animals in our care are vaccinated, microchipped, treated for fleas and worms and desexed as part of our health and adoption guidelines. We have a strict adoption policy which consists of a questionnaire, property checks and meet and greets and we will only offer an adoption application to the family best suited to each animal’s individual needs through our screening process. We do not operate on a first in best dressed basis.

All dogs at this rescue have homes, please check back soon