Tiki Animal Rescue

BIN or Source Number: R251000090

NSW, Torryburn 2421
[email protected]

Tiki Animal Rescue is a not for profit organisation that dedicated the necessities to animals in need and finds them safe, and loving forever homes
Adoption Policy: Strict
We pride ourselves in being able to try and provide life long support with our adopters. Being contactable for advice on training, socialisation and any medical issues that they may have. With support also on nutrition and growth. We pride ourselves on having life time contracts with our dogs and accepting them back into care if they ever need to be rehomed in their life. So we can make sure they go to safe forever homes. We want to make sure that we have contact with our adopters even from the start (2015) and that they are comfortable enough to contact us at any stage of the animals life

All dogs at this rescue have homes, please check back soon