Be The Change Animal Shelter Incorporated

Bin/Source number: N/A

SA, Southern Adelaide 5167
Phone: 0434215975
Email: [email protected]

Be The Change Animal Shelter is a not for profit charitable organisation located in Southern Adelaide, South Australia. We rehabilitate and rehome abandoned, rescued and surrendered animals of all shapes, sizes and species. Our goal is the reduction of unwanted animals in pounds and unnecessary euthanasia, as a direct result of irresponsible pet ownership. To achieve this goal we 'desex, microchip and vaccinate' all animals through our shelter, educate the public on responsible pet ownership and work with other rescue groups who have a similar mission. Be The Change Animals Shelter is a no-kill shelter and will work with each and every animal until the most appropriate and responsible home is found.
Adoption Policy: Strict
Dogs and puppies currently available for adoption through Be The Change Animal Shelter will be listed here. All dogs and puppies available for adoption have a set adoption fee of $400 regardless of breed, age, gender or ability. The adoption fee includes desexing, microchipping, vaccinating, worming and flea treating. Should you be interested in perusing one of our puppies or dogs you will need to show your interest by requesting an adoption questionnaire via email. Once we have received your interest we will send you an application that asks a series of questions relevant to potentially owning that dog. Once we receive that completed form back we will then compare the information received with the needs of the puppy or dog. If we think you might be a good match we may contact you to ask some further questions. At that time we can arrange a time to meet the dog. Please bear in mind that at this stage you still may be assessed as not suitable and the reason/s why will be discussed with you. Should a meet and greet go well we will then complete a yard check of where the puppy or dog will be housed, for safety and security. A two week trial period prior to adoption will then be offered, to ensure that both the dog and potential family are completely suitable and compatible. The adoption fee is paid at the beginning of the trial period however if assessed as unsuitable then the adoption fee is refunded in full. Throughout this time 24hr phone support is provided and access to a range of services becomes available such as; veterinary care , professional animal behaviourists and so forth, should any "bumps" in the road develop. Once the trial period is finished a decision is then made about the adoption and adoption paper work completed. Once an pup or dog is through their trial period and successfully adopted their photo and description will be taken down. Although once adopted, we do recognise that people's circumstances can change, as we cannot predict our futures, should a life changing event occur BTC will always accept the puppy or dog back and in fact insist that this is the case, should that occur.