Bin/Source number: DACO178988

Phone: 0408188040
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://hsedr.org.au/

Hope Springs Eternal aims to change the world for one dog at a time by assisting small dogs who need to find a new home for a range of reasons. We match dogs with new families and like to say that rather than adopt out dogs - we adopt in families. Some dogs due to age or health will remain with us in retirement. We also assist in keeping pets and their people together by funding urgent vet care via our Pay It Paw-ward Program, for families experiencing financial crisis and providing boarding care via our Paws and People program for people in hospital or temporarily between homes where they have no other support networks. We also match lonely pets with empty laps - via our Cuddles and Co program, providing companionship for pets home alone while their owners are at work with people who can not have a pet of their own due to finances, health or living arrangements.
Adoption Policy: Moderate
If you are interested in one of our dogs, please complete the adoption application form in the first instance telling us who you are interested in, and why. At a minimum, we will expect that all of our dogs will be inside/outside dogs and will be treated as a valued member of the family. Where there are multiple adoption applications for a particular dog, we reserve the right to choose the best fit family for the individual dog’s needs. If your family needs match the needs of the dog, we will call you to discuss further and arrange a time for you to meet the puppy you are interested in. If this goes well and you are keen to proceed, we will organise a mutually convenient time with you to undertake a fence/home check – and for the dog you are interested in to meet the rest of the family – both human and other animals. If you feel that you would like to add the dog to your family, we will ask you to pay the adoption fee and the dog will commence a 4 week trial period – for all of you (both humans and pets) to make sure that you will all be happy living together. We will check in on you during this time and will be available to respond to any concerns you may have during this period. If everyone is happy at the conclusion of the trial, we will transfer the microchip and provide you with any medical records and information we have on the dog you have adopted. We will take the dog back into care at any time – if things do not work out – and we appreciate that sometimes – they just don’t – for a number of reasons. We will ask for a happy snap of the dog with their new family members for our adoption gallery and will ask whether we can use that in promoting our rescue on Facebook, the Internet or other promotional materials. We want the process of adoption to be a happy and exciting time for you and your potential new family member and will work with you to make the experience as positive as possible.