Everything Beagle WA Inc Rescue

Bin/Source number: 61914897248

WA, Perth 6964
Phone: 0
Email: [email protected]

Everything Beagle WA INC is a registered Charity and Dog Rescue committed to fostering and re-homing beagles and beagle crosses and scent hounds from pounds, rescue shelters or those surrendered to us from across WA so that they may find happiness in a beagle friendly forever family. We will provide support to those beagles with veterinary care, training and friendship for both the owners and dogs alike.
Adoption Policy: Strict
EBWA is not responsible for any injury or illness that may affect the animal after adoption. EBWA is not responsible for behavioural issues unless notified prior but will help work through issues that may arise by giving advice or asking volunteers trained in fields to give advice. EBWA does ensure a vet check is completed prior to adoption. Thank you for giving an Everything Beagle WA Inc Rescue dog another chance