Helping Paws Adoption Program

Bin/Source number: BIN0004293536065

QLD, Hillcrest 4118
Phone: (07) 3297 1005
Email: [email protected]

Helping paws adoption program specialises in critical care and special needs dogs and cats. We hand raise cleft palate babies and other special need to give them a chance at a good life. We often with other local rescue group and take on majority of more specialised cases, as most rescues do not have resources. Often our rescues are long term high needs cases that require a lot of supportive care, so special care is taken to find the ideal home
Adoption Policy: Strict
PLEASE READ THE TERMS & CONDITIONS OF THE TWO WEEK TRIAL 1. The 2 weeks trial begins on the day you collect your dog. Your dog can be returned to Helping Paws Adoption Program at anytime if your circumstances change. 2. I agree if I adopt a puppy I will not take my pup out of the yard until he/she is fully vaccinated, and the 10 day period post final vaccination has elapsed. 3. I agree that I will contact Helping Paws Adoption Program if I become aware of any behavioural issues. 4. The Adoption Fee is refundable if the dog is returned within the two week trial period, minus $50.00 administration fee. 5. Should the animal require any medical attention, I agree to contact Helping Paws Adoption Program immediately. Any veterinary costs incurred by me without the agreement of Helping Paws Adoption Program will not be refunded. I may be asked to contribute to the cost for any issues deemed as being caused by me or as a circumstance of my care of the animal. 6. I fully understand that Helping Paws Adoption Program is not liable for any further medical treatment, or ongoing costs of the dog, after the two week trial period has elapsed. 7. If the animal is impounded during the two-week trial period by any council or private facility including a veterinary surgery, I will be responsible for paying impound or any other fees to have the animal released. 8. I agree that any damage done to property by the animal will not be refunded by Helping Paws Adoption Program. 9. If at any time, Helping Paws Adoption Program becomes aware that the animal is being mistreated or is deemed as being harmed in any way Helping Paws Adoption Program may seize the animal at any time without notice. The animal will be assessed by a veterinarian and/or a behavioural specialist. If Helping Paws Adoption Program considers the situation resolved satisfactorily and the animal faces no further threat it may be returned. If the animal is deemed to still be at risk, the animal will be retained by Helping Paws Adoption Program, the adoption fee is forfeited and I may be reported to the appropriate authorities. 10. Should the dog be responsible for any damage or injury to a human, another animal or livestock I agree that I release Helping Paws Adoption Program of any responsibility for any legal action. By signing this agreement and at the completion of the two-week trial period, you agree to: 1. Maintain and house the animal under the conditions of the applicable State Act governing the care of companion animals. 2. Meet all the required Council by-laws in your area, including obtaining appropriate permits. 3. Understand that it is your responsibility for any costs or charges that are incurred should your animal be impounded by the Council or a shelter facility. 4. To provide all veterinary treatments, including vaccinations, parasite control and immediate treatment of any illness or injury at your cost. 5. That all pre-known medical conditions have been disclosed and accepted by you prior to the adoption process being finalised with you and you release Helping Paws Adoption Programme from any liability from conditions that occur after the adoption is finalised. Conditions that were pre existing or new. The dog is adopted in “as is” condition. 6. To keep the animal’s microchip records up to date at all times. 7. To seek advice from a professional registered behavioural trainer should the animal develop any serious behaviour issues. 8. That should you find that you can no longer care for the animal, that you contact Helping Paws Adoption Program immediately. We will do our best to either take the dog back into care or help with rehoming. There will be no refund of the adoption fee in this circumstance. 9. Understand that Helping Paws Adoption Program cannot be held responsible for the animal should the animal develop an illness or an unsatisfactory temperament once adopted. 10. Understand that if the animal I have adopted is subsequently deemed an animal under control of an appropriate authority, that Helping Paws Adoption Program will not be held liable for any action taken against the adopting party. 11. Understand that the animal has been desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, heartworm tested and treated for fleas if necessary. We will tell you if you are required to obtain any further treatments. Known : Pre existing conditions 12. A brachycephalic dog which is, and always will be susceptible to brachycephalic airway disease (BAS). We assume that by signing this contract you are fully aware of the syndrome and how to avoid environmental triggers) air-conditioning, walking only in the cool of the morning and afternoon, no collars only harnesses etc). You are also aware that this condition can be managed both environmentally and surgically. Even if the dog has had some surgery for this condition more surgical intervention may be required.