Gumtree Greys

Bin/Source number: RE145276

VIC, Melbourne 3000
Phone: 03 9088 7570
Email: [email protected]

Thousands of greyhounds are destroyed every year in Australia. At Gumtree Greys our mission is to rescue greyhounds, place them into appropriate foster care and ultimately have them adopted into loving, permanent homes.
Adoption Policy: Strict
Dogs are pack animals and Greyhounds, in particular, are very familiar with being surrounded by other dogs in their racing kennel environment. For this reason, when left alone without people or other dogs for company, they can be prone to separation anxiety which can manifest in destructive and/or noisy behaviour. Yes, they may "grow out" of it after a few weeks in their new home, but why put the dog through that stress to ultimately live all day alone, while everyone is at work? As a result we do not rehome dogs into households where they are left on their own for more than 4 hours per day, without either people or another dog for company. Contact Gumtree Greys via: 0402 616 964 OR [email protected] Following your initial application, we conduct a home check. Our dogs are placed on a two week trial. The adoption fee is paid at time of placement and reimbursed if the trial is unsuccessful. After the trial period is deemed successful, the adoption process is finalised.