Jenny's Angels Dog Rescue - Faith, Hope & Charity

Bin/Source number: DACO 191502

SA, Stirling North 5710
Phone: 0407398682
Email: [email protected]

Here at Jenny’s Angels Dog Rescue, we are a small team of passionate, ethical and dedicated animal lovers. We began our venture in 2016 working together to rescue, rehabilitate and re home dogs from our local pound and surrounding country areas. Our goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home these dogs to give them the best chance of finding the loving homes they deserve. We feel dogs in country areas are often forgotten and have a harder time finding new homes with limited avenues available. We endeavor to do our best for all dogs and work with other ethical rescues to ensure the best outcomes. We work closely with our dedicated, highly experienced Animal Control Officers. We re home dogs and puppies of all ages, sizes and breeds that have been surrendered, seized, dumped or abandoned. It is also important to us that we educate and promote responsible ownership. We believe education and promotion of responsible dog ownership is paramount to reducing the number of ''unwanted'' dogs and hope to work with others to spread the word. Our dogs are all fostered in loving homes where they experience life in a family and learn valuable lessons needed to ensure their successful transition to their new homes. All our dogs are vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped and desexed before re homing. Once re homed we are always available to offer help or just to share the joy of the new owners.
Adoption Policy: Strict
Our rescues have given us their love and trust. With that in mind, we want to find a home that they will flourish in and their needs are met. This is not only to make sure we find the dog the perfect family but also you the perfect dog. There is a screening process for all applicants for each dog, so we can give the best home to all our pups and dogs. If you are interested in one of our dogs, please visit our website or send an email to [email protected] for our Adoption Application. An application form will need to be completed along with photos of your yard and emailed to [email protected] to be considered. Our team will check over the information provided to ensure your family is a suitable match for the dog you are interested in. You may be contacted if we require more information. We work towards matching our dogs to suitable families based on their needs and personalities. If suitable, we will contact you to organise a date to set up a meet and greet between your family and the dog you are interested in. At the meet if all goes well and everyone feels happy and comfortable, adoption fees and all paperwork is then completed and a two week trial can begin. The two week trial is a period of time in which the family and dog have time to settle in together, and ensure that everything is working out for you and the dog. Once the two week trial has come to an end, our team will check in. If everything is going well, then the adoption process will be completed! Regardless, if at any time after adoption your circumstances change and for any reason you are unable to care for the dog please contact us and we will take the dog back into our care. All our dogs are desexed unless under a desex contract under the advice of our vet, current vaccinations, microchiped and up to date parasite treatment prior to adoption. The adoption costs go towards these services.