Southern Downs ARK

Bin/Source number: BIN0000545205158

QLD, Warwick 4370
Phone: 0438654502
Email: [email protected]

Southern Downs ARK Inc. (ARK) is a small animal rescue charity, dedicated to saving and improving the lives of unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats on the southern Darling Downs and beyond. ARK is based in Warwick, Queensland and is operated by a small band of volunteers, who give freely of their time and personal resources to support ARK's work. For further information about us and our adoption requirements, please check out our website at the link above.
Adoption Policy: Moderate
We operate on the principle that pet ownership is a privilege, not a right. Our adoption process for dogs is as follows: 1. Online application 2. Review of application by ARK Adoption Team 3. Meet and greet with chosen applicant/s and existing dogs, if any 4. If successful, adoption takes place the same day. We reserve the right to refuse applicants if our environmental and lifestyle requirements for the dog in question are not met. We are fundamentally opposed to dogs being on a chain – even a running chain.