Wyld Hearts Sanctuary

Bin/Source number: BIN0006881694057

QLD, Majors Creek 4816
Phone: 0448237842
Email: [email protected]

Welcome to Wyld Hearts Sanctuary. My name is Yvette and I am a veterinary nurse with a passion for saving animals. We live on 150 acres and I am slowly turning this place into a sanctuary for animals on the verge of destruction (euthanasia). In my industry, the single hardest part of my job is seeing perfectly healthy animals being euthanised for something that is treatable or can be rehabilitated. Most animals, given the right environment and care can go on to live a happy and healthy life. I have been a vet nurse for over 25 years and have raised, rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed countless animals. A huge part of my focus is education (training) and also making sure the animals I rehome are matched with the right family and have the right environment so they can really blossom to their full potential. Not only that, I want to ensure they don’t end up back in the “system” that I initially rescued them from. We have all types of animals here, dogs, goats, horses, sheep, pigs, chickens and more. We aim to provide the best possible care we can and won’t take in any more animals than financially affordable. Edit - We have now obtained official charity status! We can receive donations However at this stage they are not tax deductible. We are applying for our fundraising licence so we can actually do fundraisers soon. If you would like to donate our details are; Wyld Hearts Sanctuary INC BSB- 064 817 ACC- 10811975 Thank you for visiting the page. Please feel free to message the page if you would like any information about us or our animals for adoption. ❤️ Yvette
Adoption Policy: Strict
Meet and greet first, house inspection, two week trial then adoption. They are always welcome back to Wyld Hearts.