Beagle Rescue Victoria

Bin/Source number: RE100067

VIC, Victoria 3000
Phone: 0000000000
Email: [email protected]

Beagle Rescue Vic / Beagle Freedom Australia is a registered charity, we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome beagles, hounds and other dogs/animals from a variety of backgrounds including medical research.
Adoption Policy: Strict
To adopt or enquire, please fill out our form with as much info as possible so we can match the right dog up to your needs: Email & Phone Interview; A representative will assess and reply to your application via email, a phone interview and meeting will be arranged if all goes well. House Check & Introductions; We bring the dog to your home to meet your family and pets and to check the suitability of the fencing. Trial Period & Final Adoption; If all goes well, we leave the beagle with you on a trial period. If the trial goes well and everyone is happy – in particular, the animals, then we process the paperwork and transfer ownership to you. Beagle Rescue Victoria is run by 100% unpaid volunteers, please bare with us as we respond to you. If there are any questions on our form that you do not want to answer, you can skip them, but the more info you give us the easier it will be for us to filter applications. If you are applying for a non-beagle, please imagine the word "beagle" is replaced with the type of dog you are applying for as all the questions remain relevant regardless of breed. Each case is individual, variations may need to be made, but the process must be followed and the heath and well being of the dogs should always be the number one priority. Beagle Rescue Vic should be contacted immediately if there is any issues, BRV remain the legal guardian of all animals until the adoption is finalised. BRV will answer any questions or concerns that the applicant may have and if at any time during the trial period the arrangement is not working, a mutually agreeable time and place will be arrange to return him/her back into foster care. Follow up contact is maintained with each family after the adoption is finalised, support and professional trainers are also available if needed. We encourage our families to stay in touch via email and social networks, we LOVE hearing all the happy ever after stories, its why we do what we do.