Maremma Sheepdogs in Rescue

Bin/Source number: R251000020

NSW, Portland 2847
Phone: 0493075564
Email: [email protected]

Rescuing and rehousing dogs, cats and livestock guardians for almost 20 years. We are also known as Maremma Sheepdogs in Rescue. We also do all other Livestock Guardian Breeds. We are located at Portland, NSW, Australia.
Adoption Policy: Strict
If you are interested in finding out more about our pets in care, fill out our Enquiry Form at then submit, and please follow up with a phone call to Andrea on 0418171896. Thank you. Do NOT text/SMS, If you email, you must follow up with a phone call. Adoption process Before applying, please consider and ensure the following: real estate approval, fence repairs are done if needed, an outside shelter area and look into the dog's breed, history and other requirements eg large breed vs medium breed. Once you are ready to adopt, please complete the Enquiry Application questionnaire @ This is not a contract or agreement of any kind, just an expression of interest in the pet listed. We will not authorise a meet and greet unless this has been completed and only approved applicants may meet the dogs. Once you are approved and have submitted all relevant information, we will organise for you to meet the dog, at a mutually convenient time. If you have other dogs they must also be at the meeting, including any children in the immediate family. If you and the dog get along- you have the option of either taking the dog on the spot (in exchange for the full adoption fee paid upfront, and adoption agreement signed)- or placing the dog on hold for up to 7 days without any holding fee applicable. *PLEASE NOTE we do not hold dogs for longer than 7 days, without a non-refundable holding deposit of $100 (this ensures the dog will be held for you for a period of 14 days, after which deposit is forfeited and pet is relisted for adoption enquiries). If you are unwilling to put a deposit on the dog, we will continue to advertise and speak with other potential adopters and so you may miss out. We have had to make the deposit non refundable to avoid time-wasters. The $100 holding deposit is then subtracted from the outstanding adoption fee, which is to be paid at collection of the dog - the day you collect the dog you will sign an adoption contract, and pay the remaining fee (of which $50 is non-refundable). If still interested please fill out the enquiry form at the above link, and you are invited to call us to discuss the pet further, thank you.