Silver Lining Pet Rescue

BIN or Source Number: BIN0000510317158

QLD, Nanango 4615
[email protected]

We take in abused, neglected and homeless animals and there isn’t an animal that we won’t try to help when needed. We are a Not for Profit Organisation Regisitered under the Australian Charities and Not for Profit commission for the purposes of Animal Welfare and we stand by No Kill, No Breeding and mandatory microchiping We will never turn away any animal in need, if we cannot take that animal in we will do our very best to help in every other way we can. We believe all animals deserve a safe and happy home and be treated as a family member. We do not condone anyone who neglects or abuses their animals. We will save all that need us. We rescue pets that have been put on the list to be euthanized in pounds. We are always looking and needing foster carers to help us give another chance at a happy life to our rescued animals. We cannot do it without the help of the communities around us. We will also support any rescue that has the same standards and upholds the same duty of care to their rescued animals. We believe it is very important to take care of your foster animal and foster carers. We are a No Kill Rescue and we will rehabilitate animals that need it in order for human and animal to live safely in this world. We respect everyone's views and opinion's, but we won't tolerate bullying or people causing trouble. We will do our very best to support all individuals that support us. We get all our vet work done on our pets before they are adopted, if we have under age animals that cannot have some vet work done we have a Silver Lining Pet Rescue underage animal provision document that legally binds the adopted animal to have its vet work completed by the new owners when the animal is at appropriate age. We advocate responsible pet ownership; that is as a responsible owner you desex, microchip, vaccinate and register your pet within the allowed time frame. We will also help you achieve these goals of responsible pet ownership by referring you to the national desexing network (NDN) which offers cheaper desexing for low income households. As a group of like minded individuals, we act on behalf of the animal for it’s safety, livelihood and to ensure it has every opportunity to find its Silver Lining with humans who will love it as much as we do. We are 100% about the animals and this will never change.
Adoption Policy: Strict
We send out our application to the new potential family and when our forms are returned we start a process called screening. When we have finished our screening and all information that comes back is approved. We do a meet and greet, sometimes more than two. If all parties are happy, we then allow our foster furkid go into your home. After 3 weeks sometimes more, see how everyone is going, then we change over microchip registration if everything is great.

All dogs at this rescue have homes, please check back soon