North East Animal Sanctuary Tasmania

Bin/Source number: 27 131 439 521

TAS, Herrick 7264
Phone: 0484 319 561
Email: [email protected]

We are a non-profit organisation that take in stray, unwanted, or abandoned dogs, puppies, cats and kittens that need our assistance. We provide a happy, caring, dignified, loving and safe environment until we can find forever homes for the animals within our care. All of our animals receive health checks, vaccinations, micro-chipping, neuter/spaying, flea/worm treatments and any other required vet work (dentals, surgery etc) prior to being adopted out. We are small a no kill shelter, the only of our type in the north east of Tasmania.
Adoption Policy: Strict
NO INTERSTATE ADOPTIONS ALLOWED To ensure that your home and lifestyle are a perfect fit for one of our dogs, prior to adoption a representative of NEAST will do a yard check at your home to ensure that you have a suitable size backyard and appropriate fencing, and that your yard is safe. (If you live a significant distance from one of our reps, we may ask for you to provide photos prior to the physical check to help determine whether your yard is suitable). If you are renting, we also require proof from your landlord in the form of a letter with company letterhead that states you are allowed to have the/another dog. If our rep is happy that your yard is appropriate, you then take the animal on a two week trial - if the trial is successful, the dog/pup is officially yours! The adoption fee varies depending on the dog/pups age, and it covers the first two vaccinations, vet check, microchip, flea and worm treatment up to date and neutering.