WA Pet Project

Bin/Source number: N/A

WA, Parkwood 6147
Phone: 0435 817 067
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.wapetproject.com.au/

WA Pet Project (WAPP) is a foster care based animal rescue in Perth, Western Australia, run solely by a group of volunteers working hard at changing the lives of pets and their humans! We are a Not-for-profit and incorporated charity and we are proud to be supporters of the No-Kill movement! While at WA Pet Project we offer pet re-homing and an adoption program for cats and dogs, our vision is a world where animal rescues don’t need to exist. We love our foster pets, but what we love more is pets living in their homes - forever. Our aim is to help the community become great pet owners through various education programs, online resources and dog training courses, because we believe success will come from addressing the cause - not only the issue. Please note: we cover up to date vaccines whilst the pet is in foster care only. The adoption fee does not cover microchip change over fees after the trial is over.
Adoption Policy: Strict
We aim to match our foster pets as perfectly as possible with their new homes. We also want to ensure that the potential home is suitable for our foster pets.... So there are a few easy steps we need to cover. (Please note that if you are renting we will need written permission from the landlord or real estate for the adoption to go ahead.) 1. Fill out adoption enquiry form. Make sure there's a valid phone number and email address so we can contact you which may take up to 7 days. 2. If you can see the pet living happily ever after with your family, and you can provide their perfect home, we will then set up a 'meet and greet' through the foster carer. 3. If the 'meet and greet' goes well, and everyone's confident it's a good match, a fence check will be done, and pending the property is secure.... 4. The trial period can commence! Hooray! For most dogs the trial is 2 weeks, this gives everyone a good amount of time to settle into new routines. We recommend taking some leave from work and spending 2-4 days at home with your new pet.... Extra cuddles? We think that's a great excuse! If we feel a few extra weeks will help the pet really shine then we can discuss an extension. 5. Trial period completed!? Congratulations, on your new fully-fledged family member! Change of ownership forms for their microchip will be sent out to you to make it official! For puppies and young giant breeds, a desexing voucher for redemption at one of our partner vets will also be sent. Our adoption enquiry form can be found here on our website: www.wapetproject.com.au/our-adoption-process