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The Educational Program for Inmates and Canines (EPIC) at a local Prison is a community service, educational and vocational program, which has been successfully running since 2015. From a community service perspective, the program provides an opportunity for Acacia Prison to partner with non-profit agencies. The program provides prisoners with an opportunity to perform a community service while imprisoned, effectively giving back to the community. Unwanted or dogs needing a new home due to caregiver no longer able to keep the dog or abandoned dogs that may otherwise be housed in stressful animal shelters or pound facilities are provided with an opportunity to be housed in a simulated home environment at the prison. The prisoners provide training, behaviour modification and socialisation with the rescue dogs. After a period within the program, they are ready to be adopted as companions for people in the Western Australian communities. The program also provides prisoners with a valuable, marketable education and skillset that can lead to increased vocational opportunities post-release. Participants are responsible for the training and maintenance of program dogs.
Adoption Policy: Strict
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