Small Paws Animal Rescue QLD

Bin/Source number: BIN0001053690407

QLD, Bray Park 4500
Phone: n/a
Email: [email protected]

Ethical and no kill, we are a caring and understanding rescue who pride ourselves on the personal component of making sure our animals are fully balanaced and ready for a forever home. Not just in and out for money.
Adoption Policy: Strict
Welcome to Small Paws Animal Rescue QLD. We aim to place each of our animals with the best family possible. Our adoption process may seem a little complex, we ask a lot of questions. But there are reasons for this. 1. Our animals in care are like our children. 2. We want to match the best humans with the animals to ensure you are happy and our animals are happy. 3. We don't want animals to come back to us. We want their family to be forever. So our adoption process begins with an application being completed. Once we receive the application we will assess it on face value of the answers you have provided. Once we can determine if you sound like a good fit, we will call you to chat a bit further. This is when we will schedule a meet and greet with your potential new family member/s. We may need you to have more than one meet, especially if you have other pet/s that need to be introduced or children and other human family members. We will confer with our foster carer, and advise you as soon as possible if you were successful in your meet and greet. Once we have confirmed your success, we will arrange for the paperwork to be completed including the adoption payment. We allow our foster carers time to say goodbye to their foster babies, it can be hard for some to give them to their new homes and we recognise all the hard work and dedication they have put in to ensure that your new family member has been safe and is ready to go to their forever home. We will keep in contact with you for 2 weeks during a "trial" adoption period. There are terms and conditions to be met and we will advise you of these. Once the trial period has ended we will send you the paperwork for your new family member. At any time after this - if you need assistance you can always contact us.