Found Hearts

Bin/Source number: QLD - BIN0000907934713 VIC - EE100272

QLD, Apple Tree Creek 4660
Phone: 0458 511 838
Email: [email protected]

Found Hearts is a registered charitable non profit organisation and our goal is to build a safety network for animals in need. We do this in five ways: Reunite Rescue Rehabilitate Rehome Respite Our online Lost Pet Registers are busy sharing lost pets and found pets in NZ and in every Australian state (except QLD but that Lost Pet Register, although run independently, is still in close association). We are registered as a charity in almost every Australian State and our intention is to have foster carers and adoptable animals in each state. We have rescued and adopted out animals from QLD, VIC and NSW thus far. We are proud to have taken on board several previously independent rescues that did not have charity status and are happy to consider any others that match our ethics. Our first Sanctuary is in Apple Tree Creek QLD and visitors are welcome to camp at no cost in return for helping care for Sanctuary animals (bookings are essential). We are planning to create a service that links emergency foster carers with pets of the underprivileged who need temporary foster care. We hope that you will join us on this exciting journey!
Adoption Policy: Moderate
We carefully match each pet with an adopting household and have a trial period during which the adoption fee is fully refundable. To begin this process, you must complete a detailed adoption application form You will receive acknowledgement that your application has been received with 48 hours of completing the application. It may be a week or more before a final decision is made on which applicants are selected for a meet and greet, that decision is not about you but is about the where the dog will best fit. It actually slows down the whole process to be constantly responding to applicants asking if decisions have been made yet, so please do be patient!