Off The Chain K9 Rescue Qld

Bin/Source number: BIN0001317280910

QLD, Toowoomba 4350
Phone: 00
Email: [email protected]

'You don't have to be an activist to make a difference.' Based in South East Queensland, we rescue dogs and cats from pound death in Queensland and New South Wales. We also take in the many dumped and unwanted dogs/puppies, and cats/kittens in the area and do try to help where we can, with owner-surrenders. We also run a 'last litter' deal. If people have irresponsibly bred and want our help, we will take the entire litter in and desex their mother for free. This stops the cycle and helps to save the litter from being given away 'to good home only' without full vet work being done. We also run a legacy program with hospitals, and work with homeless humans to keep their pets safe until stable accommodation can be acquired. If you would like to get on board you can find us at We are also on Instagram - @offthechaink9. We are always seeking volunteers, admins and fosters, as well as help with emergency vet bills, goods and transport.
Adoption Policy: Moderate
Adoption details Before applying, please consider and finalise the following: - Real estate approval - Fence requirements - Outside shelter areas - Other resident pets fully vaccinated and preferably desexed - The rescue pet's dietary requirements eg large breed vs medium breed, age - Enrichment, exercise and training needs of pet you are applying for - If you have not read our adoption process below in full, please do not apply until you have. Once you are ready to adopt, please complete the OTC Adoption Application questionnaire below. This is not a contract or agreement of any kind, just an expression of interest in the animal. We will not authorise meets unless this has been completed and only approved applicants may meet the animal. Once you are approved and have submitted all relevant information, we will organise for you to meet the pet. We will not contact you if you do not complete the form in full AND provided the required photos of yard/fencing within 48hrs. Photos may be sent to our facebook page, or email [email protected] ADOPTION APPLICATION: If you apply to adopt but require us to hold the pet more than 3 days before meeting, we will ask you for a non-refundable holding deposit of $100. If you are unwilling to put a deposit on the pet, we will continue to advertise and speak with other potential adopters. If you follow through with adoption after your meet, the $100 holding deposit is then subtracted from the outstanding adoption fee, which is to be paid at collection of the pet. Eg if full adoption fee is $450, and you place a $100 holding fee on the animal- the day you collect the pet you will sign an adoption contract and pay the remaining $350 fee. All animals are adopted out with vaccinations up to date; any vaccinations due from date of adoption are the ethical and financial responsibility of the adopter. During the trial period, should the pet become ill, you must notify OTC, and present it to the OTC-approved vet clinic we direct you to in your area. OTC will cover any treatment needed at our authorised clinics. Ready to roll? Then fill out the application form, and we will be in contact to successful applicants asap. Feel free to follow us up via Facebook page inbox. ( ADOPTION APPLICATION: NEED TRANSPORT? 1. Apply to adopt per the above process. 2. Get quotes and select your desired transporter. We recommend Aeropets, Jetpets, and Dogtainers. Contact us for weights, height etc where needed. We also recommend Pet Waggin pet transport who can assist with road transport. 3. Message or email us to say you have applied and that you will require transport. Tell us which company and a potential departure date from that pet's nearest airport or meet point. 4. If your application is successful, we will lock in a date with you, coordinate any required 'fit to fly' certifications, a food delivery to your home, and appropriate training to make your new pet as comfortable on transport as possible. 5. All adoption contracts, adoption fees, and photo ID must be submitted to us via email before animal boards transport. We will take into consideration the pet's ability to travel safely and comfortably before agreeing to send them on transport, and expect a high level of care from whatever company is engaged to move the animal.