SAFE Perth - Saving Perth Animals from Euthanasia

Bin/Source number: 48164092373

WA, Bullsbrook 6084
Phone: 0437870245
Email: [email protected]

SAFE Perth is a no kill, non government funded animal rescue organisation based in Western Australia. We assist many different kinds of animals including but not limited to dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, birds, sheep and goats. Our animals come from all over Western Australia from a range of sources including vets, pounds, private surrenders and breeders.
Adoption Policy: Strict
To enquire about adopting a dog through SAFE Perth, simply call 0437 870 245 during business hours (10am-3pm Mon-Sat). If your call is not answered please send your query through as a text and our adoption team will get back to you. After an initial phone call to ascertain suitability, a meet and greet can be arranged with the dog you are interested in adopting. Upon successful meet one of our volunteers will be arranged to conduct a boundary check to ensure that the environment you intend to keep the dog in is suitable. Upon successful home check the adoption can take place. After fee and form is completed and the dog is taken into your care we provide a two week trial period to ensure the fit is right. If for any reason things don't work out the dog can be returned to us and a full refund issued, no questions asked.