Macintyre Animal and Pet Rescue (MAPR)

Bin/Source number: BIN0000632421290

QLD, Goondiwindi 4390
Phone: 0448363957
Email: [email protected]

Macintyre Animal and Pet Rescue (Mapr) is a not for profit Shelter based and volunteer operated entity located in Goondiwindi, Queensland. Mapr’s goal is to assist abandoned or neglected animals to be given a second chance at a life they deserve through rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming. We are committed to desexing, microchipping, maximizing the health of the animal; and assisting each animal to be rehomed to an environment where they are loved and safe. We actively collaborate with other reputable Rescue groups. We are proactive in reducing euthanasia and upskilling the community about responsible pet ownership. We also work closely with the local Council to rehome unwanted Pound animals.
Adoption Policy: Strict
Animals must be desexed, microchipped and Vet health checked prior to adoption. Prospective owners must be prepared to have the cat reside indoors. Fences must be suitable to ensure the dog stays safely within the yard. It is expected that all pets will be welcomed and treated as part of the family.