Pudgy's House Shar Pei Rescue

Bin/Source number: B001082546

NSW, Miranda 2228
Phone: 0404699544
Email: [email protected]

Pudgy's House Shar Pei Rescue is a dog rescue and re-homing organisation, specifically for the Shar Pei breed. We opened our doors at the start of this year and have already had many dogs come into our care. Shar Pei are such a special breed with very specific needs because of their health concerns. We are very passionate about educating people about the breed as well as rescuing from pounds, shelters and surrenders directly from families, then re-homing them into the right homes. Making sure they are loved, well cared and providing information and support to their new owners are our main priorities!
Adoption Policy: Strict
All adopters must agree to the following and sign a consent form. - I am 18 years of age or older. - I agree to having my home inspected by a member of PHSR prior to adoption and during the two week trial. - I agree to adopt the dog described above and understand there is a trial period of two weeks from when the dog first arrives in my home. - I have inspected the dog and agree to accept it in it's current condition, health and behavior. I have not relied solely upon any representation by PHSR in deciding to adopt the dog. - I understand that PHSR will lodge the Change of Ownership Form with Council and the pet will be transferred into the name listed on this and the signed C3A form. - I agree to maintain and house the dog in conditions discussed by PHSR, as well as conditions regulated and listed under my State and Territory Government legislation. The pet will become a member of my family and and as such will be cared for with all the comforts of home. - I agree to adhere to council bylaws, including keeping the dog's microchip and ID details updated and correct at all times. - I agree to provide the dog with all regular veterinary treatment, including vaccinations, parasite control and prompt treatment of any illness or injury. - If the dog is injured or sick during or after the trial period, he/she will receive appropriate veterinary care and I agree to pay the costs of any such veterinary care. - The information I have provided to PHSR as to the property on which the pet is to be housed and my ability to maintain the dog in proper health is true and not misleading in any way. - If, during the trial period, I feel the pet is unsuitable for any reason, I will contact PHSR and arrange a mutually convenient time to return the dog and all relevant items it came with. - The dog will, at all times, wear a collar and lead during the trial period. It will not be allowed off my property or in any unsecured area without a collar and lead. - I am adopting the dog for myself and I agree not to surrender, give away, abandon, sell or trade the dog, even as a gift to a friend or family member. I understand that I must notify PHSR, without delay, if I can no longer care for or keep the dog. I will discuss this with PHSR to work out the best solution. I must also notify PHSR of any behavioral problems that have occurred at any time before I return the dog. - I agree to seek behavioral advice from a registered behavioral trainer if this animal develops any serious behavioral issues. - This animal's known background and medical history have been discussed with me and I understand that PHSR has made no misrepresentation concerning the health, condition, training, behavior and temperament of the dog. - I understand that PHSR cannot be held responsible for the dog should it suffer ill health and/or develop an unsatisfactory temperament. - I agree to contact PHSR immediately should any problems arise during the trial period. This includes the pet becoming lost or if you have any health or behavioral concerns. If the pet requires medical attention during the trial period I agree to contact PHSR immediately. - I indemnify PHSR, It's directors, employees and volunteers for any liability costs or expenses (including damage or injury) which arise as a result of my actions or omissions (including negligence) or the dog's condition, health or behavior whether during or after the trial period and acknowledge that PHSR is not liable or responsible for the pet after the trial period ends. - I indemnify PHSR, it's directors, employees and volunteers for any liability costs or expenses (including damage or injury) which may arise if the dog I am adopting and any pets I own or house are in an altercation, POST a pre-approved meeting to test their compatibility. - I understand that if at any time during or after the two week trial period PHSR becomes aware that the dog is being mistreated, neglected or is deemed to be at risk, PHSR may seize the dog without notice. The dog will only be returned to the adopter after PHSR considers the situation resolved and the dog faces no further threat. If PHSR feels the situation cannot be resolved then they may list the pet for re-homing and you will receive no refund. - I agree that $100 of the total adoption fee is no-refundable under any circumstances during the trial period, and there is no refund if returning an animal after the trial period.