Canine Welfare Australia Inc.

Bin/Source number: 12 305 283 004

WA, Perth 6000
Phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]

The Canine Welfare Alliance of Australia (or Canine Welfare Australia), is small not for profit, volunteer run, foster based, pro-life welfare and rescue group based in Perth, Western Australia. Our organisation was set up to fill a gap in the canine welfare industry, by providing a comprehensive approach to save dogs who required a little extra assistance to find their forever home. One of our aims is to rescue, humanely rehabilitate and appropriately rehome dogs which would otherwise be left behind or forgotten. With a focus on staffy, bully and molosser breeds, we work with councils, veterinary clinics and other industry professionals around Australia to decrease euthanasia rates of all canines. We provide an individualised rehoming program for each dog which enter our care, in the hope they never find themselves in the system again. Furthermore we provide a referral, advocacy and support service to dog owners who require assistance to keep or care for their dogs. We feel if owners are presented with adequate resources and appropriate advice, it reduces rehoming and euthanasia rates, as well as improves public safety and the quality of life for canines. We also campaign to improve penalties for the abuse or neglect of canines; advocate for the removal of breed discriminatory legislation, including promotion of responsible canine ownership; and to introduce consistent, progressive and humane welfare management practices for all canines. It is our belief that all dogs have the ability to be social, well behaved community and family members, given the right opportunities, and provided with the right environment, training and guidance.
Adoption Policy: Strict
Looking to adopt a dog in need? The first step is to contact us via the Savourlife online query and we will email an expression of interest form (*please keep a check on your SPAM FOLDER if you don’t receive a reply*). Once we have received the completed form and photos, we will call you to discuss your application and any questions you may have. This usually takes place between the hours of 10am to 5pm weekdays by may be over the weekend depending on our availability. Our priority is to match each puppy or dog with a home and lifestyle that is best suited to their individuals’ needs. If we feel the puppy or dog is a good fit, we will then arrange a time to complete a check of your home and boundary fences. Once the property check passes, a meet will be arranged with all family members who regularly stay in your home at the foster carers home. If you own an existing dog a second meet will be arranged to ensure everybody gets along. If all parties wish to proceed to the next step, payment of the adoption fee* is required by bank transfer, and a mutually agreed day is arranged for your new family member to be handed over at your home by his or her foster carer, at which time the adoption contract will be signed. All of our dogs are placed on a 2 week trial period to allow time for the puppy or dog to settle in comfortably and provide support if required during this time. After the trial period is completed, and terms and conditions of the adoption satisfied, adoption paperwork is mailed and you are officially owners of a rescued canine! *Refunds or partial refunds are only available for adult dogs during the trial period at the discretion of the committee. Unfortunately we are not able to provide a refund for change of mind or circumstances. Refunds will not be provided where there has been a failure to to disclose information that impacts the welfare or stability of our dogs. Please note our policies regarding adoption are as follows: • Our rescue operates on a strict best match policy and not first in first served basis, so please take the time to read adoption profiles carefully • We do not place two dogs of the same sex together, unless both are adults and only then in limited circumstances • Siblings are not rehomed together unless they come in as adults and are bonded • Proof of Australian citizenship will be requested if you wish to adopt • Rental approvals must be supplied with applications and prior to adoption • Home checks are required for all adoption applications • We reserve the right to request a Police clearance for adoption applications • Our adoption fees are payable in full the day prior to adoption, are not negotiable and exist to allow us to continue to save lives • Failure to adhere to the terms of the contact are taken seriously and may result in further action being taken