Greyhound Adoptions WA

Bin/Source number: Not applicable in WA

WA, Rockingham 6168
Phone: 0408 951 931
Email: [email protected]

Greyhound Adoptions WA is a non profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. We support a ‘no kill’ policy, placing no restrictions on the temperament of the dogs that are brought onto our care. When a dog is surrendered to us they are booked in for vet work and then moved straight into foster care. From there our Adoption Co-coordinators will match the dogs, based on the character and behavioral assessments provided by their foster carer, to waiting adoptive families. Not all the dogs listed on our Website or our Social media pages are an exhaustive list of the dogs we have in foster care. There can be anything up to 50 dogs in foster care at any one time. Potential adopters will be profiled against a number of key factors including children, working hours and other pets. Once a potential match has been established, a meet and greet with the greyhound is arranged at a convenient time for both the foster carer and adopter. Introductions would also be made to existing animals and other family members.
Adoption Policy: Strict
OUR ADOPTION POLICY We carefully match greyhounds with potential adopters and the ultimate decision rests with us. All adoptions are subject to a property check. We may also request more than one meet and greet to secure a match. Our advertised greyhounds are NOT cat-friendly or rabbit-friendly. We have a waitlist for these hounds so please contact us directly. Some of our advertised greyhounds have been tested with children and some have not or may be just too excitable for little ones. Please read each dog’s description carefully. When you submit an enquiry through this website, we will email you with some information and an EOI form. Please return the completed form to us within one week to progress your enquiry. Any dog adopted through us that needs to be surrendered or rehomed in the future, must be surrendered back to us. We provide life-long support for all adopters.