Bin/Source number: 24452839591

SA, Mount Gambier 5290
Phone: 0887239133
Email: [email protected]

The South East Animal Welfare League (SEAWL) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides temporary shelter for lost, abandoned or ill-treated cats and dogs across the South East
Adoption Policy: Strict
Please Phone if you are interested in any of our dogs as staff do not always have time to check emails until later in the shift We do not have facilities to adopt our animals interstate & prefer that you meet them in person before adopting ADOPTION AGREEMENT 1. I Acknowledge that the animal I adopt will be desexed either before it leaves the care of SEAWL or arranged & booked in to the vets at a later date 2. I undertake that the animal will not be offered for re-sale 3. I understand and acknowledge that: The animal is sold with no visable signs of illness but could be in the incubation period The animal has passed a health check & has been deemed to be suitable for adoption but the SEAWL makes no representation, warranty, promise or guarantee that the animal is free of congenital or latent defects, illnesses or disease. 4. I understand that the animal may cause injury or damage to other animals, myself and other people or property and I assume this risk and I release and indemnify SEAWL volunteers, staff & board members from any liability what so ever and waive any rights I have against SEAWL rising from such injury or damage. 5. I acknowledge that I am responsible for registering dog/cat at my local council within 14 days of adoption 6. All refunds are at the discretion of the SEAWL and are assessed on a case to case basis