Friends of Kempsey Pound Inc

Bin/Source number: R251000036

NSW, West Kempsey 2440
Phone: 0413407738
Email: [email protected]

Friends of Kempsey Pound is a volunteer organisation working with the local community, pound ranger and other rescue groups to ensure Kempsey local animals are either able to be returned to their family or have the opportunity of finding a new family. Incorporated in January 2017, there has been significant drop in euthanasia rates and increase in either adoptions or rescue for all rehomeable animals that enter the pound system. Friends of Kempsey Pound also have an ongoing fund raising goal in order to run our desexing program, where, on a case by case basis we are able to assist financially in desexing adult dogs and cats, thereby reducing the unwanted dog and cat population with accidental litters.
Adoption Policy: Strict
Friends of Kempsey Pound assist the local rangers in adoptions from the pound only.