Tails of The Forgotten Paws

Bin/Source number: RE176236

VIC, Murrumbeena 3163
Phone: 0409978907
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://tailsoftheforgottenpawsau.org.au

Our mission is to ensure that these creatures get 2nd chance in life and are treated with kindness & respect. We aim to better the lives of others out of pure and selfless compassion; to be the voice for companion animals needing rescue or rehoming. We are 100% an independent dog rescue & rehoming. We de-sex, vaccinate, Microchip, worm and flea treat all of our rescue dogs. We provide socialisation and re-home dogs that have been rescued from various backgrounds/ environments .
Adoption Policy: Strict
We have a mandatory house inspection Shortlisted adopters will be contacted to arrange a meet & greet with the animal. **Depending on our foster's availability We do follow-ups throughout the life of the animal In the event that you are unable to care for the animal anymore, you must contact us to seek verbal advice Some animals will require mandatory enrollment to professional training/behaviorist - this will be noted on the animal's profile & adoption agreement, we will require proof of enrollment before we are able to complete the adoption process/transfer of ownership 1. The dog is healthy on delivery/pick up. it has been wormed, flea treated, vaccinated, desexed, microchipped, and examined by a veterinarian. Any illness is to be confirmed by an approved TOFP vet within 72 hours of arrival, after which point the health of"the dog" becomes the adopter's responsibility. You must contact TOFP representative before taking the dog to the vet. 2. TOFP offer a 21-day cooling-off period and we will take "the dog" back into our care for any reason with a refund of the adoption fee less a $100 admin fee that goes towards the care of the dog. After the 21-day cooling-off period has expired there will be a 0% refund. *If you are a foster to adopt family, this 21 days would have been completed during the fostering period. 3. Should the situation arise where you can no longer provide adequate care for "the dog", you will contact TOFP by email or phone and seek advice as to your options of rehoming the dog to ensure the said "dog" does not end up surrendered to the council or private pound/shelter. 4. The adopter agrees to work with us in returning the said 'dog" at an agreed location, date & time. Should there be a cost in transporting the said "dog"the adopter agrees to assist the rescue as much as possible. 5. TOFP agrees to be available for verbal advice for the life of"the dog" 6. The adopter agrees not to sell, trade or give "the dog" away without first seeking advice from TOFP. 7. The adopter agrees to comply with all the local ordinances regarding the keeping of domestic animals. 8. I acknowledge that although this dog was deemed suitable for rehoming and all due care was made in placing this dog, no organisation can account for all situations and any actions/behaviours by the dog, hence I will not hold them responsible for the actions of the dog. 9. I agree to always keep the dog safe just like any other member of my family. 10. I agree that having a balanced well-trained dog is important therefore I am willing to provide necessary professional training as highlighted in the dog's adoption profile. 11. I agree to implement slow & safe introduction to other dogs as per advised by the rescue representative whilst the said "dog"is still adjusting to the new environment 12. I agree to implement safe introduction of the said "dog" around kids and always under supervision specifically while the said "dog"is still settling into his new environment, 13. I have been provided with the background of the said "dog", everything that this rescue group is aware of, where information is available. I agree that"the dog"is being adopted for myself and will not be sold, adopted and given to another party.