Dingo Den Animal Rescue

Bin/Source number: 58145582217

NSW, Penrith 2750
Phone: N/A please email only
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.dingoden.net/

Dingo Den Animal Rescue is a registered Australian charity run by a national network of volunteers. Dedicated to saving the wild-hearted, we exist to save the lives of dingoes, empower wildlife carers, and prevent the extinction of Australia's vulnerable fauna and flora. Saving the wild-hearted is our passion and we hope it will become yours too.
Adoption Policy: Strict
Thanks for taking the time to consider adopting a displaced dingo or dingo-hybrid who needs a new start. Every dingo in our care has a special story of how he or she came to be homeless. Though each dingo's story is different, they all have a common desire to belong to a loving home once again. As a pack animal, dingoes love company! Not built for the solo life, dingoes want to be with their families at all times - be that dingo, human or dog! If you think you can provide the kind of home a dingo will love, please get in touch with us! ​Your tax-deductible donation to adopt a dingo plays a vital role in the sustainability of our life saving rescue work. When a dingo comes into our care, we immediately cover expenses for emergency vet treatment, microchip, vaccinations, parasite control, and at a later date desexing. As many dingoes come into our care from the wild in critical condition, we rehabilitate these beautiful animals for many months, sometimes even over a year, covering all rehabilitation expenses along the way. Your donation to adopt an animal in our care covers a portion of these expenses and allows us to continue our life saving work. By donating to us you are not only helping the individual animal you have adopted but are supporting future rescue cases. Thank you for partnering with us to save the wild-hearted.