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All Natural Raw

Australian Kangaroo

Our All Natural Raw Adult Kangaroo Frozen food, is a Single Protein meal that is filled with the finest natural Australian ingredients. With superfood inclusions like strawberries, broccoli, tomatoes, carrot, apples, oranges and flaxseeds; plus vitamins, minerals, natural pre-biotics, probiotics and amino acids. Plus, it’s grain free, gluten free and hypoallergenic, and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Made with real Australian meat, Kangaroo is a healthy choice for all dogs, and is one of the most popular, low-allergen, lean protein sources available. It is also a tasty choice for those who need to watch their weight, or for those who have a lower fat dietary requirement, as it contains a lower fat profile and contains slightly less calories per serve.

Finely ground kangaroo bone and cartilage provide a natural source of phosphorus and calcium, that is important for many aspects including healthy teeth and bones. Offal including Kangaroo heart , liver and kidneys are a good source of iron, that helps create red blood cells in the body. Fatty acids and taurine which is good for heart health as well as vitamin A an antioxidant that helps with vision, bone health and neurological function as well as other minerals.

Available in 2.72kg

Single Source Contains DHA Gold Australian Meat
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Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min.) 13.7%
Crude Fat (min.) 3.5%
Carbohydrates (min.) 4%
Crude Fibre (max.) 1.5%
Mositure (max.) 74%
Calcium (min.) 1.7%
Phosphorus (min.) 0.9%
Metabolizable Energy917kcal/kg


Kangaroo (meat, finely ground bone and cartilage, heart, liver & kidney), Carrots, Apples, Beans, Oranges, Flaxseed, Tomato, Broccoli, Alfalfa, Strawberries, Vitamins & Minerals & Amino Acids, Probiotics, Sea Salt, Psyllium, DHA Gold.

Feeding Guide

Typical Analysis

We recommend feeding adult dogs (12 months +) 2% of their body weight daily. We recommend feeding active, pregnant and lactating dogs 4% of their body weight daily. Each pattie contains 227g of food.

Adult Dog (2% bodyweight) feeding guide
Dog Weight (kg) = patties/day : 2 to 8 kg = ½; 8 to 14 kg = 1; 14 to 18 kg = 1 ½; 18 to 24 kg = 2; 24 to 30 kg = 2 ½; 30 to 36 kg = 3; 36 to 42 kg = 3 ½; 42 to 48 kg = 4

Active Dog (4% bodyweight) feeding guide
Dog Weight (kg) = patties/day : 2 to 8 kg = 1; 8 to 14 kg = 2; 14 to 18 kg = 3; 18 to 24 kg = 4; 24 to 30 kg = 5; 30 to 36 kg = 6; 36 to 42 kg = 7; 42 to 48 kg = 8