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We were recently awarded Retail Supplier of the Year at the Inside Retail Retailer Awards 2024!

A very proud moment for the team!

The award was recognition of our collaboration with Petbarn in creating Rescue Month, where each February, SavourLife partners with the Petbarn Foundation to encourage Australians who are thinking of getting a pet, to adopt and give an animal in need their forever home. The initiative focuses on saving pups from pounds by providing additional funding to enable our rescue partners to bring puppies and dogs, many from high-risk regional and rural pounds, safely into their care until they are ready to be adopted.

Funds that we donate together with the Petbarn Foundation, go towards the cost of transport, vet work, desexing, training, and food; all the work that’s required to get the pups ready for their new home. We’ve just completed Rescue Month 2024 which saw 30 of our incredible rescue partners come together to take part in over 80 in-store adoption events, actively driving adoptions and giving rescue groups an opportunity to talk to more people about fostering and other ways that they can help rescue dogs.

In the last three Rescue Months, SavourLife and the Petbarn Foundation have donated $700,000, helping save 1,149 pups from pounds. These are puppies and dogs that are at a real risk of euthanasia if a rescue organisation is not able to put their hand up and bring them into care. In many cases the barrier is financial, so knowing that that they have funding ready to cover most eventualities makes all the difference.

We are still a small, family-owned and operated business and seeing our brand recognised alongside huge names is an incredible achievement, one that our whole team is extremely proud of. We’d like to thank Petbarn, all of our wonderful rescue partners and our SavourLifers for getting behind Rescue Month and our other initiatives and making any of this possible.

We have some very exciting plans for the coming year and look forward to sharing more with you about how we are achieving our mission of reducing the number of adoptable dogs euthanised in Australia to Zero!