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Australian K9 Rescue Victoria granted $50,000 for new wheels to save lives!

Australian K9 Rescue granted new wheels to save lives!

We have awarded a grant of $50,000 to Australian K9 Rescue Vic to purchase a new vehicle to help them with critical life saving pound runs, food delivery to foster carers and vulnerable community members, event support and everything inbetween.

Australian K9 Rescue Vic are a volunteer-run non-for-profit dog rescue, who spend their days focused on saving the lives of dogs who have been abandoned, abused, or neglected across metropolitan and rural country pounds in Victoria.

Currently, the rescue is using a self-funded LDV van for day to day operations which is no longer proving suitable for the scale of the work they are undertaking. The size of the vehicle isn't suitable for the dog's comfort and along with the inability to control temperature (air conditioning) in the back for the dogs it's simply unbearable on warm to hot days placing a lot of pressure on our transporters and of course the health of their incoming dogs. 

Australian K9 Vic also act as a “HUB” to store and transfer food to local community outreach programs for those families struggling to feed their dogs, and support the rural pounds in NSW and Victoria with dog food. Due to the inadequecy of their current van the rescue are often finding themselves having to hire a truck at additional expense to transport this food to it's much needed destinations.

Purchasing a new and more appropriate transport vehicle with air conditioning will allow Australian K9 Rescue to:

  • Undertake short & long distance pound trips
  • Pick up litters of unwanted puppies in rural areas 
  • Travel to schools and organisations to to provide education on the importance of adoption of rescue dogs
  • Transport dogs safely to and from the vet
  • Collect supplies (Food, Bed, Medicine, Enrichment Toys, etc)
  • Distribute supplies to foster carers and vulnerable members of the community

This new van will not only be an essential workhorse for Australian K9 Rescue to save more lives, it will also be beneficial to support the organisation’s strategy for growth and expansion.

With so many dogs and puppies in need in Victoria we are excited to see what Australian K9 Rescue can do in the future to help these dogs and the communities they serve to find more positive outcomes. 

If you want to know more about Australian K9 Rescue Victoria or get involved with them you can find all the information right here -