Bells Echo Animal Rescue

BIN or Source Number: 62648899150

NSW, Wyee 2259
[email protected]

Bells Echo Animal Rescue is a safe haven for animals from all walks of life needing a new beginning. Our goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehoming as many animals as possible within the scope of quality care for those animals . Strict adoption guidelines will be adhered to. *** Bells Echo Animal Rescue is also a NFP charity , registered with the ATO and governing bodies. All donations over $2, which are separate from adoption fees, are claimable for Australian residents at tax time!!
Adoption Policy: Strict
Adoption details Adoption of a Bells Echo baby is only available through a strict application process. These babies are precious and have given us their love and trust. With that in mind, we want to find a home that they will flourish in. This is as much to make sure we find the animal the perfect family but also you the perfect fur baby. Please answer the following questions so we can start to find you the perfect match. * Current pets? If so, details: * Children? If so, details : * Rent or own your home? Written agreement is required by your landlord/real estate for rental properties outlining that dogs are allowed. : * Style of home... Suburbia, semi rural? : * Opportunities for socialization outside the home? : * Work commitments? How long will the animal be on their own? : * Why do you think this fur baby will be suitable for you? : * Will you allow this fur baby to live both inside and outside as part of the family? : * Yard check will be done to confirm you have a fully fenced secure yard and adequate shelter when the new fur baby is outdoors. What are YOU looking for in your new family member?: If you can also provide your phone number we can pass this to the carer as well. Bells Echo Animal Rescue has endeavoured to ensure our dogs/pups kitten/cats are sociable and made to feel part of the family, so in considering adoptions, these are the type of things we will be looking for in a new family.

All dogs at this rescue have homes, please check back soon