BIN or Source Number: BIN0006884488982

QLD, Bowen 4805
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Helping Hands Animal Rescue Bowen (HHARB) accepts all domestic animals in need of its services where it has the facilities and capabilities to provide care. When an owner of a domestic animal surrenders an animal directly to HHARB, it is considered the new owner and is required to take on the full ownership and responsibilities of this animal. We understand that sometimes people have to rehome their pets due to unforeseen circumstances and here at HHARB we do not judge anyone for this as it is hard enough for the person to have to make this decision as it is. Here at Helping Hands Animal Rescue Bowen (HHARB) we have launched the Last Litter Program in an effort to reduce the number of unwanted puppies/kittens, as part of our ethical approach to reducing the numbers of homeless dogs and cats. This program entails the surrender of the entire litter, and in return we de-sex the mother of the puppies/kittens at our affiliated vet clinic, we base the needs and availability on: • holders of pension, • concession • health care card • people on low incomes We ask you to pay a donation for the litter of puppies/kittens, to contribute to their care and we will book your mother cat/dog in at our affiliated vet clinic to be desexed 2 weeks after the litter is surrendered to HHARB.
Adoption Policy: Strict
Helping Hands Animal Rescue Bowen (HHARB) strives to rehome all healthy and rehome able companion animals, having given due consideration to the health and welfare of that animal and any perceived risk to society. We will seek to find homes for these animals and promote the human-animal bond. Animals will be desexed and microchipped before adoption if appropriate to that species and of an age at which our local vet will deem the animal a suitable age.

All dogs at this rescue have homes, please check back soon