CQ Pet Rescue Inc.

BIN or Source Number: BIN0000367534014

QLD, Emerald 4720
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We are a non-profit animal rescue charity based in the Central Highlands of Queensland, Australia. We foster and re-home abandoned pets from the CHRC pounds and catteries. CQ Pet Rescue Inc. was created in May 2012 due to the lack of RSPCA presence in our part of Central Queensland. A small group of people heavily donate their time and skills to keep our operation going, and we are funded purely by fundraising and adoption fees. We have a number of foster carers that help us foster cats and dogs as we take them from the pound and advertise to re-home them. All money raised is used to pay for veterinary bills and basic operational costs. We regularly do pet food drives to help keep our operational costs to a minimum. Donations $2 and over are tax-deductible. You can contact us by message on this page or via [email protected]
Adoption Policy: Strict
1. ADOPTION APPLICATIONS a) All adoption applications are to be assessed on their individual merits, including but not limited to a. Previous pet history b. Family structure and suitability c. Yard size and potential exercise b) The adoptions application must take special needs of any pet into consideration, likewise any particular needs of an adoptive family into consideration c) The adopter is not to be discriminated against in any way, including but not limited to gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, or family structure. 2. VETERINARY CARE a) All animals are to receive the designated veterinary care whilst under the guardianship of CQ Pet Rescue a. Vaccinations b. Microchipping c. Desexing d. Care for any additional conditions or injuries provided the guidelines and criteria of the Veterinary Policy are met b) Animals are not be adopted until they have received their first vaccination, are microchipped and are desexed c) It is up to the discretion of the adoptions coordinator as to whether CQ Pet Rescue pay for further veterinary treatments upon adoption (upcoming vaccinations, treatment of an injury sustained in care, etc 3. PAYMENT OF ADOPTION FEES, DISCOUNTS, WAIVING OF FEES a) All adoption fees are to be paid upon the day of adoption, either via electronic funds transferred (preferred) or cash. A cheque will be accepted under certain conditions, and is up to the discretion of the adoptions coordinator b) Application for discounting of an adoption fee or a payment plan under financial hardship will be considered as per the criteria outlined in the Discounting Adoptions Fees Policy. Factors that are considered under this policy discount or fee waiving include (but are not limited to) a. Veterinary issues and associated ongoing expenses b. Behavioural and training issues c. Age / rehomeability / previous adoptions d. Able to provide a loving home but currently experiencing financial hardship (ie pensioner, disabled, etc) 4. REVIEW OF POLICY This policy and the actions outlined above will be reviewed each year at the AGM, unless required earlier because of circumstances or culture. 5. ENDORSEMENT This version of the Adoptions Policy was motioned and approved by all members of the executive committee on the 23rd of November, as outlined in the meeting minutes for this date. _____________________________ Susan Consedine, President 23rd November, 2015

All dogs at this rescue have homes, please check back soon