Top End Rehoming Group Inc

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We are a small, dedicated group of volunteers in Darwin and Katherine, NT that rescues and rehomes abandoned and unwanted animals.
Adoption Policy: Strict
All adoptions of animals through Top End Rehoming Group Inc are done so with care and with the animal’s best interests at heart. Any potential adopters are made aware of any information relevant to the animal. We have a full disclosure policy. All Top End Rehoming Group Inc animals are desexed, microchipped and vaccinated prior to adoption or as soon as practical after adoption. ADOPTON FEES Dog and Puppy Adoption Fee is $350 Adoption fees are standard and contribute to the costs associated with veterinary care while the animal is in the care of Top End Rehoming Group Inc. These costs include, at minimum, desexing, microchipping, up to date vaccinations, up to date worming and a vet check. Any costs in excess of the adoption fee are covered by Top End Rehoming Group Inc. ADOPTION STANDARDS When Top End Rehoming Group Inc evaluates whether or not a potential adopter is a good match for one of our rescues, these are some of the factors taken into consideration: Dogs • Current pet(s) are desexed and up to date with vaccinations • Current pet(s) are dog friendly • Home has secure fencing and gates • Adopter has applicable permits in place for owning three or more dogs (if applicable) • Everyone in the home is in agreement about adopting a new pet • No previous pets have been surrendered without good reason • Adopter is over the age of 18 An Adoption Application Form is required to be completed before a meet can be arranged. Other things our coordinators will address include: • What are their specific needs • What are their medical requirements • Is the new home’s activity/energy level the right fit for them • Is the home environment safe and secure • Will the rescue get along with the other members of the home (both animal and human) Each rescue has a different personality and comes with his/her own unique requirements, so we do our best to ensure we match the right animal to the right home/family. We reserve the right to decline any application if we are not confident it is in the best interest of our animals. ADOPTION PROCESS AND APPLICATION Dogs: 1: Complete a Dog Adoption Application Form. You can download this form via our website, request the form to be emailed or collect the form from us at one of our Adoption Days. 2: We will assess your Application to ensure your home/family is the right match for the dog you are enquiring about and vice versa. Due to the number of applications some dogs receive, it may take up to two weeks to assess all applications. 3: Our coordinators will contact you to discuss any concerns or to advise your Application has been approved/declined. 4: The foster family will contact you to arrange a meet. 5: Once a meet has taken place and you decide you would like to proceed to adopt, contact us to advise. 6: We will then complete a Home Check. This may be done in person or via photos provided via email. The home check is to ensure that the new home has secure fencing and gates including a pool fence if applicable, a clean and safe yard and adequate sleeping areas. Once this has been completed and approved, we will send the Adoption Form. 7: Complete the Adoption Form and email it back with a copy of your photo ID and payment confirmation. Payment details are included on the Adoption Form. We will then process and let you know once the adoption has been finalised. You will then be able to arrange with the foster carer to collect your new family member. 8: Veterinary paperwork and certificates will be emailed to you within a fortnight of the adoption date. Top End Rehoming Group Inc will complete the Microchip Registration paperwork and submit with the applicable provider who will email you confirmation of registration within six weeks. Any vaccinations due after the adoption date are at the responsibility of the new owner. Top End Rehoming Group Inc cover the cost of vaccinations due in care only. INTERSTATE ADOPTIONS Top End Rehoming Group Inc accept interstate adoptions for suitable animals. The cost and arrangement of transport is the responsibility of the adopter so we recommend quotes are obtained before an Application is completed. Please contact us if you would like a full copy of our Adoption Policy

All dogs at this rescue have homes, please check back soon