Tasmanian Animal Rescue and Sanctuary TARS

BIN or Source Number: 38124094242

TAS, Crabtree 7109
[email protected]

The Tasmanian Animal Rescue and Sanctuary (or TARS for short!) was opened in September 2020 with the goal of rehabilitating and rehoming animals in need, along with improving access to education, resources and support for the community to improve care for their animals.
Adoption Policy: Strict
We take adoptions very seriously. Each dog stays with us for a minimum of one month to ensure we know what type of home will be suitable. We do not rush adoptions, and match the dog with it's ideal home. All dog adoptions come with a three week trial period to ensure everything settles in smoothly. If applying to adopt, please provide as much information as possible or you may not be successful.

All dogs at this rescue have homes, please check back soon